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Below is the executive summary and table of contents of a Petrochemical Market Study on PTA/ PET, Acrylic and Polyamide.

Petrochemical Market Study on PTA/ PET, Acrylic and Polyamide
The proposal pertains to preparation of a market study report on the petrochemical sector of Iran with emphasis on market developments of PTA/PET, polyamide and acrylic as our understudy industries.
The structure of the petrochemical sector is explained to draw an overview of the market environment of the understudy industries. The complete projects and plans list of the petrochemical sector and details on those related to the understudy industries will provide a perspective of the market growth. The market analysis will cover the growth of industries such as textile and polymer as potential end users of the understudy products. The new technologies of
Stamicarbon and Noy Engineering will be introduced to potential customers during the study period and their view points and contact details will be incorporated in the report. The opportunities for these technologies considering the plans and projects in the understudy industries will be assessed to provide a forecast of the market trend during the next five years. Explanations on method of public and private sector international trade, investment and banking are included in the study and our market forecast assessments.