Market Reports

A successful internationalization process entails in-depth and up-to-date information on markets, industries, and consumers alike. [What is the size of the market and what are the consumer trends? What are the products and services available on the market? How are these trends changing? Which sectors are developing or growing the fastest? What are the challenges that a market player faces in this industry? Who is innovating at the moment and how successful have they been?]

These are all imperative questions to be asked and therefore lie at the core of our methodology for constructing extensive market reports. We provide our customers with country, regional, and industry specific reports and analyses which focus on these key attributes of market penetration and more. In order to guarantee relevance and reliability, all information is gathered through local partners.

Lead Generation

International Sales leads are of extreme value to fast-growing enterprises seeking to internationalize. It is with these leads that the initial opportunities to cross borders materialize. However, fostering a continues flow of quality leads can be a challenge for even the most active sales and marketing teams, given the many challenges that come with international business, such as geographic, time, and financial constraints.

At East-West Trade & consulting, our local lead generation experts assist enterprises by providing, developing, and qualifying leads in complete accordance with their needs. This begins with market profiling, further identifying prospects, and ultimately screening these prospects for qualification. Our service maximizes the number of qualified leads of our clients, whether SME’s or multinationals, while staying firmly within their preferences and budget.