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East-West Trade & consulting provides complete company set-up and business development services to companies and entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Our mission is to make this process as easy and smooth as possible and, in order to do so, attend to our clients’ needs through highly tailored solutions that include, but are not restricted to, the following services:


1. Company registration(as a subsidiary or stand-alone company)

o Sole Proprietorship

o General Partnership (V.O.F.)

o Limited Partnership (C.V.)

o Limited Liability Company (B.V.)

o Public Liability Company (N.V.)


2.Introduction to Governmental and Private institutions & associations within the relevant Industry


3. Immigration Services


4.Tax Advisory & Accounting


5. Market Research and Lead Generation




7. Opening of Bank Accounts in the Netherlands (and other EU countries)


In this manner, we make it possible for SMEs and Multinationals alike to benefit from an efficient and smooth market penetration. The Netherlands is a formidable place for entrepreneurs and corporations seeking to establish a strong foothold in the European market as it provides a favorable tax code, strategic location and pro-active attitude to forming and facilitating international companies. For a more in-depth look into these advantages, consider the following table comparing FDI-attractiveness factors between European States. As one can see, the Netherlands stands out on top in most categories: