Storage Facilities


East-West Trade & consulting facilitates foreign enterprises’ market penetration in Iran by offering a wide range of storage facilities. The storages that we have to offer can be used as distribution hubs for Tehran and the rest of the country, production plants and are suitable for the storage and distribution of agricultural products such as grains. Consequently, our facilities range from simple warehouses to lands that are equipped with offices, janitorial rooms, and silos. Below is a list of the storage facilities that we have at hand. Are you looking for something tailored to your needs? Please contact us in order to discuss your specific case. We can provide you with more offers and also build a storage from scratch according to your specific requests.









Facilities List

RegionImageAreaFacilitiesSale/ RentSale PricePre-paymentRent per month
Ahmad Abadsilo2200 m2 land - 850 m2 Silo - 70 m2 office - 40 m2 janitorial room

50 Amp electricity - gas - telephone
Ahmad Abad
silo500 m2 land - 250 m2 Silo
3 phase electricity - gas - telephone
Rent-150 million IRR
52 million IRR
Abdol Abad
office-icon10.000 m2 land - 3.000 m2 salon - 600 m2 office
Fire sprinkler system
Ahmad Abad
silo1.000 m2 land - 400 m2 Silo - 50 m2 office
50 Amp electricity - gas - telephone - Water well
Abdol Abad
office-icon800 m2 land - 270 m2 Silo - 50 m2 office
Water - 3 phase electricity - gas
Rent-150 million IRR
53 million IRR
Ahmad Abad
office-icon900 m2 land - 450 m2 Silo - 200 m2 office
100 Amp electricity - gas - water well - engine room
Sale & Rent
7 billion IRR
200 million IRR
40 million IRR
No chaman castle
silo400 m2 land - 200m2 Silo
200 Amp electricity - gas - water well
Rent-200 million IRR
30 million IRR
Ahmad Abad
silo330 m2 land - 120 m2 Silo
25 Amp electricity - water - gas
Rent-100 million IRR
20 million IRR
Do Tuyeh
office-icon800 m2 land - 400 m2 Silo - 20m2 office
Can be used as a warehouse