Booth Construction

EWTC provides booth construction services to international companies and associations that participate in Iranian exhibitions.

Our local designers deliver free of charge eye-catching and modern designs from which companies can select. The selected design is subsequently tailored to the company or pavilion organizer’s specific needs.

In this manner, we help our customers with their presence at noteworthy exhibitions through displays that are worthy of their esteemed brands and helps them blossom in the Iranian market.

We started making a name for ourselves through the highly popular Dutch commissioned Holland pavilions that we co-organized at the Iran-Agro exhibitions.

As a consultancy company with a high degree of expertise in the Iranian market, more often than not, a combination of our services is requested when it comes to exhibition participation. These services include, but are not restricted to

·        Booth/pavilion construction,

·         Catering,

·         Provision of staff such as translators and hostesses,

·         Match-making services at the booth/pavilion or at the Iranian companies’ premises,

·         Sector/sub-sector specific field trips and company visits,

·         Organization of receptions, seminar and other events

·         Logistics

Below are some of the booths/pavilions that have been designed by our company in the recent past: