Dutch Pavilions at Iran-Agro 2017

As a result of Hassan Rouhani’s re-election in a landslide victory on Saturday May 20th 2017, foreign businesses, resting assured that the majority of the 70% of Iranians who turned up to cast their ballot have put their trust in the incumbent president who voices moderation and economic growth through better relations and understanding with the West, turned up massively at the largest Iranian Agrofood exhibition which started on May 23rd 2017: Iran-Agro, where 1.405 exhibitions from 39 countries were present.

Following the successful cooperation of East-West Trade & consulting with the FME (&NAFTC) in 2016, two Dutch pavilions were again organized through the same cooperation in this edition of the exhibition. The pavilions were commissioned by the Dutch government, one of which located in the Agro Hall of the show and the other within the Food & Beverage technology Hall.

Her excellency, Susanna Terstal, ambassador of the kingdom of the Netherlands in Iran and Hassan Javaran, agricultural attaché of the embassy, honored us with a visit on May 24th.