Due Diligence

Due diligence of Iranian companies are conducted for companies that wish to understand and check potential Iranian
partners and clients as well as for compliance reasons.
Below is the executive summary and table of contents of a due diligence that was conducted by EWTC:

X Company Development Company
Due Diligence
Table of contents
X Company was established in 2008. X Company
is considered an Exploration and Production (E&P)
company in Iran. In a recent Ministry of Petroleum
(MOP) ranking of Iranian oil and gas contractors
(April 2016), X Company was recognized as an E&P
company. Iranian E&P companies are introduced
by MOP to International Oil Companies (IOCs) to
participate in the new petroleum contracts (IPC) as
joint venture partners.

X Company has experiences in offshore and onshore
drilling, electronic well measuring, well testing and
engineering, procurement and construction projects.
The company has been active as drilling contractor
in South Pars Offshore Gas Field Phase-19 and
Yadavaran Onshore Oil Field. The company plans
to increase its oil and gas services further in near

The main management of the company is: X person,
Chairman, X person, Managing Director, X person, Vice
Chairman, X person, Board Member and X person,
Board Member. The main scope of this report is to
provide background information on the mentioned
X Company managers and their reputation, X
Company position in the X Company and potential
interferences of X Company over X Company.
1. General Overview of Company
1.1.Owners of X Company
2. X Company Members of the Board, Past
Experiences, Reputation and Affiliations
2.1 X person
2.1.1 Background
2.1.2 Reputation
2.1.3 Network and Affiliations
2.2 X person
2.2.1 Reputation
2.2.2 Network and Affiliations
2.3 X person
2.3.1 Reputation
2.3.2 Network and Affiliation
2.4 X person
2.4.1 Reputation
2.4.2 Network and Affiliation
2.5 X person
2.5.1 Reputation
2.5.2 Network and Affiliations
3. Organization Chart of X Company
5. X Company’s Position Within X Company
5.1 X Company’s Level of Independence
5.2 Outside Influences and Potential
6. Subsidiaries and Affiliated companies
Table-4. X CompanyShareholder
7. Financial Status/Credit Rating
8. Current Workload
9. Sources