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Entering a foreign market demands an in-depth understanding of the different local realities and regulations. As embodied by our company name, East-West Trade & consulting’s aim is to support growing companies and promising entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world with their internationalization process.

East-West Trade & consulting brings together a network of international-oriented and experienced professionals who provide clients with a pool of market entry services; laying the foundations for successful market penetration. These tailored services range from the provision of market reports, leads and exhibition space to other, more extensive, services, such as the organization of highly customized trade missions that attend to the specific needs of participants.

Over-all, our company attends to the needs of entrepreneurs and institutions the world over. Communication can be made in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Persian.

Areas of Practice

Mohammad Reza Mashhadi

Founder & Managing Director

Our Management

Mohammad Reza Mashhadi was exposed to a multicultural environment from a very early age. Growing up as an expat in Switzerland and the Netherlands whilst graduating from a French high-school provided him with the multicultural skills necessary in order to thrive in an international environment.
Mohammad Reza joined Rotterdam’s School of Management (RSM) at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, obtained his Bachelor degree in International Business Administration and his Master’s degree in Strategic Management. Throughout his studies, he obtained a set of multidisciplinary skills while working in international companies in the Oil & Gas, Safety & Security, International Trade & consultancy and investment sectors.
Mohammad Reza set-up East-West Trade & consulting in 2012 in order to act as a commercial bridge for international enterprises seeking to internationalize; with a strong emphasis on bridging his country of birth, Iran, with the continent that shaped his life, Europe.

Our Consultants

Oyumaa de Jong
Oyumaa de Jong
International Consultant / Exhibitions and Events

Oyumaa is of Dutch and Mongolian descent. She has been interested in emerging markets since a young age due to her personal background and affiliation with Mongolia. Growing up speaking Mongolia, Dutch, and English, Oyumaa has an international perspective. Having studied Mathematics and Environmental Science with a minor in Political Science during her Bachelor’s degree, followed by her current Global Business & Sustainability Master’s degree at RSM, she also has an inter-disciplinary perspective. At EWTC, she assists the MD and works on specific exhibitions and events (currently focusing on Vietnam ProPak 2018 and Iran Agro-Food 2018).

Bahareh Bidi
Bahareh Bidi
Marketing and Design Specialist

Bahareh has a Bachelor degree in communication sciences and she worked for several years as a journalist for news agencies in Iran. In 2012 she moved to Portugal and she started a new career in the marketing area and she got her master degree in digital marketing from the Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto. Bahareh has experiences in website design, SEO, CRM, and social media.

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